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Gardening/OceanTrace8ozSmall.jpg Ocean Trace - 8 oz. Bottle $14.95
Ocean Trace™ is an organic liquid fertilizer derived 100% from pure Australian ocean water. It contains the complete spectrum of macro and micro nutrients found naturally in the ocean, which includes every naturally produced mineral found on the Periodic Chart of Elements.

This size is perfect for apartment or urban settings. A small sprayer/watering bottle makes it convenient to spray leaves and saturate plant soil.


Gardening/OceanTraceSingleGallon.jpg Ocean Trace - One Gallon Container $60.00
This size is appropriate for the typical home owner with a lawn, bushes, trees, plants and the vegetable garden.


Gardening/OceanTrace525gal.jpg Ocean Trace - 5.25 Gallon Container $283.50
Recommended for land owners or farmers with greater than 2 acres of plants, bushes, grass and vegetables.


Gardening/HumicAcidStoreImage.jpg Humic Acid - One Gallon $25.00
Ideal size for the homeowner. Humic acid is the perfect adjunct soil conditioner with Ocean Trace minerals. Especially effective on compacted soil or hard pan. Promotes breakdown of organic material creating stable humus.


Gardening/HumicAcidStoreImage.jpg Humic Acid - 5 Gallon Container $85.00


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