Notice 2013 - We no longer accept on line orders. Please use the contact forms to describe your order. Click on any shrimp image to order Wild Georgia Shrimp.


With this on-line store you can purchase natural beef, pork, shrimp and salmon. At left, click on the product you wish to purchase.

Our beef, pork, salmon and shrimp are pure and natural. Artificial ingredients like hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics are never used during the ANIMAL'S ENTIRE LIFE. Each product is grown or harvested using sustainable methods.

We are very, very fortunate at Eagle Wood Gourmet Food: we eat pure, delicious food everyday. We do not worry about nutrition. We know what is in our food and we know that our practices do not harm local environments.

By shopping here you can purchase extraordinary tasting beef, pork, shrimp and salmon. You can be confident and guilt free knowing your food is pure and is grown and harvested in harmony with local environments.

Our properties are open to the public. In fact many first timers bypass the store for the barnyard to learn about our husbandry and sustainability policies.

We offer simple, real food, and straight forward information. We do not gloss over information or pictures as do the standard Madison Avenue campaigns. You eat what you see and read here.

Our products contain only the meat described.

Our products do not contain:

  • Nitrates/Nitrites
  • Additives
  • Preservatives
  • Fillers
  • Organs

Our animals throughout their lives:

  • Never receive hormones
  • Never receive sub-therapeutic antibiotics
  • Eat a vegetarian diet
Our processors are well known USDA and/or FDA approved companies with strong traditions of purity and quality.

And last but not least, our prices for our products and shipping are reasonable.

Welcome to our online store. If you prefer, call 860-379-5978 to speak to a real person about our company, our products or anything you may read in our website.

For directions to our retail store and farm, go to the Info/Directions page below on our web site.